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Rumours that the Head Girl (hmm, that will be me then), at least one prefect, matron, the P.E teacher and also our Japanese exchange student were seen out and very very drunk singing along to Type O Negative in a certain hostelry in the Camden area have not yet been substantiated as has the rumour that the Head Girl and yet another prefect were seen in the same public house on monday night also, although this time acting in a rather more restrained manner.

Naturally the school rules forbid such decandent behaviour and there have already been threats of groundings (heavily backed by the P.E teacher Mr Knight) and detentions. I think we should all consider ourself warned!

It would appear that another prefect is required to contain the wilder excesses of this year's class and am nominating Bekki for the post, as it is believed that being in a position of some authority may curb her tendency to make unnnecessary visits to Matron's room re the last post.
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